1st graders love playing duck duck goose. #DCPRedford #AllIn #Redford Rising #DistinctiveSchools
about 6 hours ago, DCP Redford
Duck Duck Goose
Let's celebrate what makes us different, even though we are all the same inside. You can help someone by lending a hand- picking up mail, helping with groceries or ask about their life. #DCPRedford #AllIn #Redford Rising #DistinctiveSchools
3 days ago, DCP Redford
International Day of Persons with Disabilities
Today is National Special Education Day! Thank you so much to all our wonderful Special Education Teachers for all your hard work and care, you do so much to support our students every day. We appreciate you!
4 days ago, Distinctive Schools
Did you know that yoga can help you manage stress, anxiety and helps you to regulate emotions? These first graders are starting their morning out right! #DCPRedford #AllIn #RedfordRising #DistinctiveSchools
5 days ago, DCP Redford
Look at the winners of our PRIDE Assembly today. #AllIn #RedfordRising #DistinctiveSchools
6 days ago, DCP Redford
PRIDE Assembly
PRIDE Assembly
PRIDE Assembly
PRIDE Assembly
Today is #GivingTuesday! Distinctive Schools needs your support to provide students and families with everything they need – #UnleashGenerosity with us! Your donations will provide meals during the holidays, winter items for coat drives, and bring people together during the holiday season. Donate now: bit.ly/DS22_GivingTuesday
7 days ago, Distinctive Schools
Giving Tuesday
Families- Don't forget that our book donation has started!
8 days ago, DCP Redford
Book Donations
Happy Thanksgiving from our Distinctive Schools family to yours. #DCPRedford #AllIn #Redford Rising #DistinctiveSchools
12 days ago, DCP Redford
Happy Thanksgiving
Today we are feeling extra thankful for our Distinctive Schools Family – thank you for being part of our amazing community! Enjoy this time with family and friends. We can't wait to see you on Monday! Happy Thanksgiving!
12 days ago, Distinctive Schools
We have a 'latte' to be thankful for here at DCP Redford!! #DCPRedford #AllIn #Redford Rising #DistinctiveSchools
13 days ago, DCP Redford
A 'Latte" to be thankful for
Sometimes it's easy to forget about the little things in life that bring us joy. #DCPRedford #AllIn #Redford Rising #DistinctiveSchools
14 days ago, DCP Redford
Grateful for the little things
Our 1st graders are no strangers to technology. They are making comics using their I-Pads. Watch out world! #DCPRedford #AllIn #Redford Rising #DistinctiveSchools
19 days ago, DCP Redford
Students using technology
Reading to your child is vital in their development. Did you know that reading strengthens children's social, emotional, and character development. #DCPRedford #AllIn #Redford Rising #DistinctiveSchools
21 days ago, DCP Redford
Are you searching for a way to give back to your scholar's school? Look no further- join the PTO! Details in the picture, or email Mrs. Olds at aolds@distinctiveschools.org #DCPRedford #AllIn #Redford Rising #DistinctiveSchools
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Why join the PTO?
Contact Info
A reminder that today is World Kindness Day- Spread Kindness Around Like Confetti! #DCPRedford #AllIn #Redford Rising #DistinctiveSchools
24 days ago, DCP Redford
Spread Kindness Like Confetti
Today wraps up School Psychology Week! Thank you to our wonderful Distinctive School Psychologists who support our students every day. Mental Health and Wellness is at the core of everything we do and our psychologists are a major part of that mission.
25 days ago, Distinctive Schools
School Psychologists
Thank you to those that have served to keep our country and values safe. We cannot say enough to express our gratitude. #DCPRedford #AllIn #Redford Rising #DistinctiveSchools
25 days ago, DCP Redford
Veterans Day
Our students work in small groups with their teachers to improve skills taught in whole group lessons. #DCPRedford #AllIn #Redford Rising #DistinctiveSchools
26 days ago, DCP Redford
Working on subtraction
We had a great time at our PRIDE Assembly today! Look at these fantastic scholars displaying their awards!! #DCPRedford #AllIn #Redford Rising #DistinctiveSchools
27 days ago, DCP Redford
PRIDE Assembly
PRIDE Assembly
PRIDE Assembly
PRIDE Assembly
Healthy foods mean healthy minds. Students can actually improve the growth of their brain as well as their body with healthy foods. Yum! #DCPRedford #AllIn #Redford Rising #DistinctiveSchools
28 days ago, DCP Redford
Healthy Foods